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New license law for the sale of alcohol

Report on the provisions of the new law for the licensing of the sale of alcoholic beverages; distinctions between wholesale and retail sales
The German Press in America

On the need for a German-language press for German migrants.
Dreyfus Affair Article

Update on Dreyfus Affair in context of broader European diplomacy and politics.
Speech from Temperance Advocate Francis Murphy to Saloonkeepers

Largely-neutral report of Francis Murphy's speech to saloon keepers in context of his prohibitionism.
Muscatine Herold: 1918 Sample Election Ballot

Sample election ballot for the Muscatine city elections of March 4, 1918, published by the Muscatine Herold. By publishing the ballot with an affidavit in German from the City Recorder, the Herold allowed its readers to familiarize themselves in…
Denison Review

"Obey the prohibition laws!" wrote the lackey Denison Review a few weeks ago, cowering and wagging its tail like a dog before the Republican party. The newspaper itself, however, or at least its editors, hasn't the slightest desire to do so. We have…
Enforcement Efforts

The good (?) supporters of temperence in Carroll held a secret meeting last week at which four men and three women gathered,a grand total of seven. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the foundation of an association for implementing the…
"Germans for Cleveland," Carroll Demokrat

Why the President of the National Brewers Association won't vote for Blaine Hermann B. Scharmann, President of the National Brewers Association and a very influential Republican of the 21st Ward in Brooklyn, has as of now wholeheartedly declared his…
Prohibition Riots

Iowa City Beer Riots Beer riots similar to those on the West Side [of Carroll] occurred in Iowa City, and if the Gentlemen Prohibitionists had their sights set on blood, then blood may indeed flow on account of this shameful Prohibition Act. The…