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Advertisement for the services of H. Mahraun, Iowa City agent for the North German Lloyd packet line.

This map illustrates the journey undertaken by Wilhelm Fischer and companions in 1851 from Hamburg to Davenport. It is based on Fischer's travel narrative found in August P. Richter, Geschichte der Stadt Davenport and des County Scott (1917), pp.…
Deutschland and America_23July1879.pdf

Editorial on German Americans and Immigration
Die Deutsche Presse in Amerika_1Sept1899.pdf

On the need for a German-language press for German migrants.

Photographic portrait of Ernst Hertzberg from 1868, German immigrant to Chicago and bookbinder.

A recent sketch of the history of Des Moines' Hertzberg Bindery, a book-binding business opened by the son of German immigrants.

Image of young Augustus Sinning in front of G. F. Eyrich's shoe store, where he worked. Accompanying article tells story of attempted robbery and Sinning's capture of thief.

Sketch of Augustus Sinning's early life in both Germany and the United States, including education and labor history.
Daily Republican .JPG

Article reporting on Nebraska survey of local German communities, finding much of which to be afraid therein.
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