Sources in German

This collection brings together a variety of sources on German, Swiss, and Austrian immigration to Iowa and the greater Midwest. It focuses primarily on German-language material printed in blackletter font (Fraktur) or written in old German script (Kurrent or Sütterlin). To help make this material accessible to researchers with limited knowledge of German, transcriptions and/or translations are provided when available.

This collection of materals is a work in progress. We will be adding to the individual collections below as materials become available. The primary German-language sources on German immigration to Iowa can be found on the DIYHistory site of the University of Iowa Libraries. We wish to thank Ms. Sonja Thiele for her generous work in transliterating the DIYHistory materials, which were originally published in blackletter font (Fraktur). 





This collection contains essays from magazines and journals pertaining to German immigration to Iowa.