Newspaper article with updates on successive ballot countings for the women's suffrage amendment. Results of the Republican primary for governor and for other state offices.

Editorial appealing to (male) voters to vote against the constitutional amendment for woman suffrage. The editorial argues that granting women the right to vote will alienate them from their traditional role as homemakers.

Complementary Calendar for readers of the Dubuque National-Demokrat; the accompanying text notes that the newspaper was founded in 1856, making 1886 the 30th anniversary of its founding.

Advertisements from the Dubuque National-Demokrat: the top-most one for costume rental; the middle one for a masquerade ball sponsored by the "Harmonie Damen-Verein" (Harmony Ladies' Club); the bottom one for a masquerade ball sponsored by the…

Three advertisements concerning Mardi Gras activities in Dubuque: 1) a masquerade ball in the German City Theater (Deutsches Stadttheater) with prize competition for the best costume; a ball in City Hall sponsored by the German Aid Society; a…

While it is uncertain who organized this masquerade ball--either the proprietor of Ham's Hall or another group that rented the hall--they are clearly proud of the prize money that they have set aside for the best costumes.

Ad placed by the Des Moines Turners in the Iowa Staats-Anzeiger, with announcements a Mardi Gras masquerade ball as well as for two plays performed in the Turner Hall: "Die Eifersüchtigen" (The Jealous) by Roderich Benedix; "List und Phlegma"…
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