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translation of top headline: "Germany at War with Russia and France!"

Letters between L. Schubbert and H.J. Metcalf, January 5, 1918_Metcalf_Page1.JPG
These two letters contain a conversation addressing the possible need to translate German newspapers. While L. Schubbert claimed there was nothing worth translating and the German-Americans seemed to be loyal, H.J. Metcalf still insisted on having…

German Language Inset 1_3Sept1909.pdf
German-language inset in Schleswig Leader containing news from home country, from Europe, and general interest news and literature.

Schleswig Leader Masthead.pdf
Masthead for dual-language Schleswig Leader

German Language Inset_1April1915.pdf
German-Language Inset in Largely English-Language paper during World War I. The title says: "This section is for family members who prefer to read German."

Babel Proclamation in English_30May1918.pdf
Babel Proclamation in English, presented without commentary.

Iowa Volksblatt Masthead.pdf
Front Page of Waverly, Iowa's Iowa Volksblatt
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