Enforcement Efforts


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Enforcement Efforts


1884 Prohibition Act


The good (?) supporters of temperence in Carroll held a secret meeting last week at which four men and three women gathered,a grand total of seven. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the foundation of an association for implementing the Prohibition act in Carroll County. However, after much back and forth, they realized that this would not be so easy, since to implement such a law requires money, quite a bit of money, and those present at the meeting could not resolve to put up the required sum, and so the whole project fell apart. They had also discovered that the business owners who had been invited to the meeting did not turn up, and thus that one could not count on their support.

Everyone is convinced that here in Carroll no one will undertake anything against saloon owners, even the Prohibitionists, as long as saloon owners conduct themselves more or less reputably. We hope as well that saloon owners will follow this course. We are convinced that the drunkards apparent from time to time on the streets did not get drunk in saloons, because as we hear, no, as we have personally assured ourselves, saloon owners are extremely careful with the sale of alcohol. Common drunks are unable to procure anything in saloons, and it's the same for minors. Now, those who purchase intoxicating drink for certain drunkards should also refrain from this habit, for precisely these good (?) friends of the drunkards could get a rude awakening. And those people who find themselves with a drunk at home should just stay at home, instead of parading around with him in saloons and on the street and thereby rousing suspicion against saloon owners.


Carroll Demokrat


August 8, 1884