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Confirms Harding's attempts to find federal authority for suppressing German language.
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There is a law on the books requiring state legislative affairs to be published in other languages. Should this be abolished?
Temperance Commentary 1_8Feb1884.pdf

Report on the provisions of the new law for the licensing of the sale of alcoholic beverages; distinctions between wholesale and retail sales
English Language Commentary on Prohibition_11July1884.pdf

German-language newspaper includes English-language editorial denouncing prohibition as historic attack on liberty and return to barbarism.
Die Wirthsgewerbe_Temperance Commentary_29Feb1884.pdf

Article on potential prohibition law from perspective of saloonkeepers.
Brauer Convention_discussingProhibition_25April1884.pdf

Article on Iowa Brewer's Convention occuring in midst of prohibition legislation. The members therefore pledge to fight the convention in courts and raise funds.
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