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Schleswig Leader Masthead.pdf

Masthead for dual-language Schleswig Leader
Iowa Volksblatt Masthead.pdf

Front Page of Waverly, Iowa's Iowa Volksblatt
Iowa Reform Masthead.pdf

Masthead of Davenport, Iowa's Iowa Reform
Iowa Banner Masthead.pdf

Masthead from Iowa Banner in Iowa City
Independence Courier Masthead.pdf

Masthead for Independence Courier
Die Freie Presse Masthead.pdf

Masthead from Die Freie Presse, organ for Muscatine's Socialist Party
Der taegliche Demokrat Masthead.pdf

Masthead from Der Taegliche Demokrat
Clayton County Journal Masthead.pdf

Sample front page, with prominent masthead, of Guttenberg, Iowa's Clayton County Journal, an English-language paper with occasional German-language insets.
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