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J.J. Billingsly has sent a letter to H.J. Metcalf listing the names of school board presidents in charge of school districts where the German language is being pursued. The names are sent to H.J. Metcalf
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Local discussing loyalty and disloyalty in community.

Sample election ballot for the Muscatine city elections of March 4, 1918, published by the Muscatine Herold. By publishing the ballot with an affidavit in German from the City Recorder, the Herold allowed its readers to familiarize themselves in…
Dreyfus Affair Update_22Sept1899.pdf

Update on Dreyfus Affair in context of broader European diplomacy and politics.
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A response from HJ Metcalf to the Milwaukee Journal about how to respond to and control German propaganda and influences within their society.
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H.J. Metcalf has written a 2 page letter addressed to the managing editor of The Nonpariel in Council Bluffs, IA. The Nonpariel is one of the largest newspaper publications in the Council Bluffs area at the time. Metcalf has stated he would like to…
185907-997118 - Zinselmeier Matthew - May 4, 2016 937 AM - ZinselmeierM_Image1_Metcalf.JPG

HJ Metcalf has sent a letter to Dr Avery, asking Avery to investigate the opening of a German school in the town of Primghar/Sanborn, IA. If the school has been started for religious purposes, Metcalf cannot do anything. However, if ample evidence is…

Mr. Metcalf responds to Mr. McCaffree
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