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translation of ad: "The City Brewery of Englert & Rittenmeyer is confident that it will once again solidly maintain its long-standing distinguished reputation by virtue of the excellent quality of its product. Its beer is commonly recommended by…

translation of ad: "J.P. Dostal, Great Western Brewery, maker of the finest beer in Iowa City and the whole region. I warmly recommend my brewery to the public. All orders from in and out of town will be processed promptly. J.P. Dostal"
199541-997121 - Orabutt Christopher - May 6, 2016 354 PM - OrabuttC_LettertoPress_Metcalf_Page#1.jpg.jpg

The Committee on Publicity is creating a fellow committee which will go through the newspapers of Iowa looking for important pieces of propaganda that they which for the entire Iowa National Defense team to know.
185907-997118 - Zinselmeier Matthew - May 4, 2016 937 AM - ZinselmeierM_Image5A_Metcalf.JPG

H.J. Metcalf has written a 2 page letter addressed to the managing editor of The Nonpariel in Council Bluffs, IA. The Nonpariel is one of the largest newspaper publications in the Council Bluffs area at the time. Metcalf has stated he would like to…
213185-997118 - Shepherd Anna - Apr 20, 2016 857 AM - ShepherdA_Davenport Democrat Pro-War Press_Metcalf.jpg

In this letter Metcalf writes to a Davenport newspaper to thank them for all of their pro-war efforts and doing the best thing for the country.
213185-997118 - Shepherd Anna - Apr 20, 2016 857 AM - ShepherdA_The Grinnell Register Public Service reserve propaganda_Metcalf.jpg

Letter from The Grinnell Register explaining the steps they took to encourage application to the U.S. public Service Reserve. They are at a loss as how to proceed beyond what they have done.
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Rival publisher sends Gov. Harding copies of article from Wellsburg Herald said to be "rot."
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