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199541-997121 - Orabutt Christopher - May 6, 2016 354 PM - OrabuttC_LettertoPress_Metcalf_Page#1.jpg.jpg

The Committee on Publicity is creating a fellow committee which will go through the newspapers of Iowa looking for important pieces of propaganda that they which for the entire Iowa National Defense team to know.
199541-997121 - Orabutt Christopher - May 6, 2016 354 PM - OrabuttC_LettertoLibrarians_Metcalf_Page#1.jpg.jpg

The letter is written by Herbert J. Metcalf, Secretary for the Council of National Defense in Iowa. He is targeting German-Americans and any German sympathizers. He wants to collect a list of any book that is in any way pro-German.
237175-997121 - Khader Mitchell - Mar 6, 2016 119 PM - KhaderM_Record of the Silo Meeting Held at the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce#1_Metcalf.jpg

This record summarizes a meeting called by the State Council to increase the number of silos in Iowa to meet production quotas. A number of officials were elected to positions in the committee and the government and numerous silo manufacturers…
237175-997121 - Khader Mitchell - Mar 6, 2016 119 PM - KhaderM_Invitation to Silo Manufacturers to Discuss Increased Silo Construction in Iowa_Metcalf.jpg

This letter is an invitation (sent out to numerous silo manufacturers) to attend a luncheon in which attention will be brought to the need to increase silo construction on Iowa farms.
200632-997121 - Jennings Ashley - Apr 9, 2016 229 PM - JenningsA_HermanTernestoH.J.Metcalf,December8,1917_Metcalf.JPG

Herman Ternes writes to H.J. Metcalf to acknowledge receipt of his notice of appointment to the position of Chairman for his county of the United States Public Service Reserve. Additionally, Ternes requests more application blanks and franked…
200632-997121 - Jennings Ashley - Apr 9, 2016 229 PM - JenningsA_FrankG.PiercetoH.J.Metcalf,January4,1918_Metcalf.JPG

Secretary of the League of Iowa Municipalities, Frank G. Pierce, writes to H.J. Metcalf to send registration cards of men from Marshalltown, Iowa interested in securing employment in the shipbuilding industry for the U.S. Public Service Reserve. …
207018-997121 - Hewitt Natalie Jo - May 6, 2016 1159 PM - HewittN_MilwaukeeJournalResponse_Metcalf_Page1.jpg

A response from HJ Metcalf to the Milwaukee Journal about how to respond to and control German propaganda and influences within their society.
185907-997118 - Zinselmeier Matthew - May 4, 2016 937 AM - ZinselmeierM_Image5A_Metcalf.JPG

H.J. Metcalf has written a 2 page letter addressed to the managing editor of The Nonpariel in Council Bluffs, IA. The Nonpariel is one of the largest newspaper publications in the Council Bluffs area at the time. Metcalf has stated he would like to…
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