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Louise Hermann, Peter Zimmermann's future wife, has run out of regular paper and continues her letter on stationery from the Knights of Columbus. She discusses news of Caroline Benzinger, Willie Foerstner, and Harry Young. She notes that Peter should…

Louise Hermann, Peter Zimmermann's future wife, discusses the weather, her eagerness to receive another letter from Peter, and the death of Rudolf Novak due to pneumonia.

This editorial cartoon implies that the war reporting of the Associated Press and English, French, Russian, and Belgian newspapers is biased.

The Black Hawk, the student newspaper of Davenport High School, reported on the' burning of books in German "by about 50 lower classmen."

A collection of various reports on the conduct of the war in Germany, including casualties, injuries, and Iron Cross recipients.

On 6 August 1914, the Iowa Staats-Anzeiger devoted its top headline to "Germany at War with Russia and France!" The front page also reveals a completely German format, a break with former editor Joseph Eiboeck's practice of including English-language…
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The Iowa Council of National Defense decided that German should not be taught in any schools in Iowa. German songs and texts must not be read or sung in schools either. It is mentioned that when this letter was written, there still was not a single…
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The Committee on Publicity is creating a fellow committee which will go through the newspapers of Iowa looking for important pieces of propaganda that they which for the entire Iowa National Defense team to know.
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Governor W.L. Harding created a state-wide holiday called
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The letter is written by Herbert J. Metcalf, Secretary for the Council of National Defense in Iowa. He is targeting German-Americans and any German sympathizers. He wants to collect a list of any book that is in any way pro-German.
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