• Collection: Women and German Iowa
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County superintendent of schools approves of measure, as she has personally noticed the "pernicious influence" of foreign languages as the method of instruction.
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Mrs. Engel sends Harding a newspaper clipping, comments favorably on his speech in Rockwell City--in which he stood by his proclamation like a "man"--and notes that there are many loyal Iowans.

A scrapbook page containing two images: Bertha and her business partner in front of their millinery shop in Scranton, Iowa; Scranton's Opera house

A composed portrait of German-American opera singer Rose Ettinger taken in Berlin during one of her pre-First-World-War tours of Europe.
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This dissertation brings light to some of the Anti-Germanism that was rampant in Iowa during World War I. The dissertation focuses on Iowan newspapers that included some Anti-German language in its reporting. The dissertation also explains in part…
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Switchboard operator calls in, saying she knows of German usage on phone line. How to enforce?
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Censure of Governor for Babel, which author notes resembles the "stain of Prussianism" and will work out in favor of Germany.
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Teacher of Spanish and Italian inquires about their applicability under Babel
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Red Cross chapter from Waterloo wonders about Danish speakers in organization
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