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The letter is written by Herbert J. Metcalf, Secretary for the Council of National Defense in Iowa. He is targeting German-Americans and any German sympathizers. He wants to collect a list of any book that is in any way pro-German.

Photo album of German-Jewish Salzmann family in Berlin as they prepare for emigration, and eldest daughter Ruth in England as part of the Kindertransport.

Photo album of German-Jewish Salzmann family 1930s vacations.

Jakob Naumann confirmation certificate.

The document is a church attest from Jacob Naumann's pastor in Wiebelskirchen, certifying Naumann as a member in good standing of the local Lutheran congregation and asking all Lutheran pastors in the U.S. to receive him into their congregations. Theā€¦

Jacob Naumann's account book from the mid-nineteenth century, showing Naumann's transition from German to English as a language of both public business and personal memory.
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Patriotic letter in support of language ban, as "where would freedom be found in our world today, if we had depended on Scandinavia and Germany to secure it for us?"
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Declaration by a number of faith leaders in the county supporting the US and her war aims and Babel, with minimal caveats.
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Support for Babel. Foreign languages should be "studied only for their cultural values or as accomplishments."
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