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A request from George Porter, Council of National Defense Washington, Chief of Section, to the several State Councils of Defense, to send 1000 posters to be used at the council
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In this letter H. J. Metcalf is apologizing for not having the circular letters the American Red Cross originally sent. He also sends back some of the circular letters sent throughout the state of Iowa and let them know if he finds the letters he…
257205-997118 - Hovden Teeya - May 3, 2016 124 PM - HovdenT_AmericanRedCrossThankYou_Metcalf7.jpg

In this letter, The American Red Cross, more specifically the Director-General of Civilian Relief, is thanking H. J. Metcalf for the cooperation with the Red Cross. The Director-General of Civilian Relief is also asking H. J. Metcalf to send…
198867-997118 - Engstler Emma - May 3, 2016 545 PM - EngstlerE_Food Solutions for American Allies_Metcalf.jpg

The men of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy are fighting, not on the farms producing food. Therefore the productions of food of these nations have fallen into danger and Americas Allies are relying on them. Herbert Hoover plans a…
198867-997118 - Engstler Emma - May 3, 2016 545 PM - EngstlerE_Food Conservation and Health of the Public_Metcalf.jpg

Council of National Defense asks the public to discontinue sending food to the camps. The waste referred to can be chocked only by getting each solider family and friends to realize that they individually are the persons asked to stop.
182351-997118 - Brockway Kelly - May 4, 2016 730 PM - BrockwayK_foodadministration_Metcalf.jpg

This letter was sent from the U.S. Food Administration to state the problem that the nation must start conserving particular food intake because they needed to supply more food to the Allies overseas. This in turn was connected to a card, as…
224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Metcalf to W.L. Kerr, 1918_Metcalf_page2.jpg

In response to an inquiry to a job position at a ship-building plant.
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Berwald, enclosing letter to Wilson, notes the benefits of rescinding Babel, citing examples in England as well as the new unrest around social and labor issues.
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Pre-Babel concerns regarding use of German and German-language schools, from Assistant Attorney General.
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