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Neighbor informs on Swedish Americans--just as pro-German, apparently, as any German American--flagrantly resisting Babel in church services.
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Concerning unpatriotic actions, and violence, by groups, namely "labor leaders" and those "stirring up dissension among the workers."
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Traveling salesman asks to join CoD, as he travels much and encounters pro-Germans he could report on.
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Vocal support for Babel. Further, he is "only sorry that we do not have a law so that we could make them line up if they wanted to or not."
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Clinton sheriff didn't allow viewing of 'Best of Berlin,' propaganda film. Faxon wants to look into it.
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Denunciation of John J. Adams, appointed to state board of defense, signed by "Disgusted Citizen." Claims Adams is a noxious pro-German who would rather than Germany win the war than lose under a Democratic Administration.
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Noting Charles City large pro-German contingent, as well as the fact that many are "moneyed men," which enables and protects them. Also including story of German man beating his wife for wanting to "be an American."
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