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Letter from The Grinnell Register explaining the steps they took to encourage application to the U.S. public Service Reserve. They are at a loss as how to proceed beyond what they have done.
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The correspondence shows the importance of propaganda in this time period. It was important where the propaganda was distributed and how much of it was needed.
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Clinton sheriff didn't allow viewing of 'Best of Berlin,' propaganda film. Faxon wants to look into it.
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Clarifying Babel, in favorable light and with emphasis on Bohemians in Benton

This letter discusses the newspaper role as a propaganda agency for the government, very interest when considering todays media. Also interesting considering the very balant anti-german sentiment seen in many newspapers considering the government…

Postcard from Max Rehder in early years of WWI to American Relatives. The cartoon on front says, basically, "Just don't push - everyone'll get a turn."
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