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262461-997118 - Gilbert Alyssa - Apr 11, 2016 232 PM - GilbertA_Letter_Concerning_the_Burning_of_pro-German_Books_1_Metcalf.JPG

This letter was a reply to an earlier demand to remove all possible pro-German propaganda from public libraries. It defended the loyalty of the library itself, and asserted that the current librarian had burned most of the pro-German books theā€¦
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Incident in Little Rock. A pro-German was forced to "quit" the town, but came back later looking for trouble. A lot here.
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Noting a number of seditious comments, Babel Defiance, and exhortations to resist the placement of anti-German-language signs by local Germans.
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Harding praises Ontjes, skirting around the narrowly averted mob violence.
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Potential mob violence against local German, which the author doesn't disagree with in principle, but moreover "believe[s] in letting the Law take its course."
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