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Englert Theater advertisement. The Englert Theater, built in 1912 for vaudeville shows, was rebuilt as a modern movie palace in 1926.
257205-997118 - Hovden Teeya - May 3, 2016 124 PM - HovdenT_AmericanRedCrossThankYou_Metcalf7.jpg

In this letter, The American Red Cross, more specifically the Director-General of Civilian Relief, is thanking H. J. Metcalf for the cooperation with the Red Cross. The Director-General of Civilian Relief is also asking H. J. Metcalf to send…
Brauer Convention_discussingProhibition_25April1884.pdf

Article on Iowa Brewer's Convention occuring in midst of prohibition legislation. The members therefore pledge to fight the convention in courts and raise funds.

A scrapbook page containing two images: Bertha and her business partner in front of their millinery shop in Scranton, Iowa; Scranton's Opera house
252051-997118 - Mankins Adam - May 4, 2016 1052 AM - MankinsA_WFPowersOrder_Metcalf1.jpg

An order for posters to support the war effort,
184612-997118 - Monroy Emmanuel - May 4, 2016 952 AM - MonroyE_Letter about the German status in Onawa Iowa_Metcalf_1..JPG

Letter addressed to Metcalf explaining how German Americans residing in Onawa have been more involved in the war movement. And how they have taken the American standpoint in regards to war.

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237175-997121 - Khader Mitchell - Mar 6, 2016 119 PM - KhaderM_Advertisement for Rat-Proof Farm Storage to Protect Production during the War_Metcalf.jpg

This brief advertisement cites the damage rats have inflected on wartime production and makes use of a patriotic sentiment to encourage farmers to purchase rat proof farm storage from the Caldwell Silo company.
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Businessman wonders what powers he has to act against those still speaking German in public..

Employees of the Korn Baking Company in Davenport pose for a photograph around a giant pretzel.
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