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Sample election ballot for the Muscatine city elections of March 4, 1918, published by the Muscatine Herold. By publishing the ballot with an affidavit in German from the City Recorder, the Herold allowed its readers to familiarize themselves in…

Image of the first page of Chapter Seventeen from the revised 1873 immigration handbook published by the Iowa Board of Immigration. The chapter gives prospective immigrants information on common wages for various professions and various means of…
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Speaking up for Mr. Pierce, recently deprived of his position for publishing an article on the "Reign of Terror."

Sketch of Augustus Sinning's early life in both Germany and the United States, including education and labor history.
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Thresher notes working amongst German Americans and wonders whether he can "demand" fellow workers speak "American."

Image of a workroom in the Hertzberg Bindery

Image of Hertzberg Bindery interior with artisans and management in front of finished product.
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Lewis notes Braun's disappointment in Harding--he didn't vote for him this year--and worries about low-wage immigrant labor coming from Germany
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