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Carson writes of recent meeting in Sibley, where a patriotic German spoke against the Kaiser. Carson suggests using him to write something pro-Babel to disseminate to state's Germans.
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Stolba wonders whether he is eligible for army service.
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C.W. Robinson describes interviewing known associates of Superintendent Lohr of Davis City public schools after receiving a report that he was a traitor and finding no evidence of disloyalty.
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Empathetic note from local Loyalty League seeking concession for mother who has recently lost son in service in France.
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Danish pastor agrees with Babel, but says should be for enemy nations and not allies, such as Denmark.
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Concerns over German influence on draft boards, noting the suspicious number of exemptions allowed in Bremer County--and the many new "divinity students" in Wartburg Cemetary.
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Mother of son in service writes of Germans continuing to speak in German, even in light of recent soldier funeral.
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