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The 4 Minute Men refusing to get intelligence courses for men who were just drafted. The letter later states the numbers in cities for registration of the Service. And a request more 500 more folders to be registered were asked for from Metcalf.

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This letter is in response to an inquiry to a job position at a ship building plant also explains how this service will not exempt him from military service
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A Mr. Keasling "is making threats a gainst the government by threatening to resist the draft of his sons, threatening bodily injury in case his sons are called."
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Author notes that prominent town member is getting his son deferrals from service.
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Influential Germans are gaming draft system, drawing deferments for community members.
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Metcalf's man does his business and talks about his draft status.
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Concerns over German influence on draft boards, noting the suspicious number of exemptions allowed in Bremer County--and the many new "divinity students" in Wartburg Cemetary.
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