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Religious Services

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Pannkuk with Further Questions
Pannkuk asking for more clarifications regarding preaching.

Babel Concessions?
Nashua mayor reluctantly forwards request from local German preacher regarding concessions for preaching.

Loyal German Parishoners
Lutheran pastor requests concessions, noting loyalty of congregation.

St. Johns in Peterson
Parishoner writes of incident at St. Johns

Apostolic Church on Language
Apostolic elders note church's longtime dependence on German, their loyalty, and opposition to any upcoming language legislation, noting as well their independence from Amish and Mennonite communities.

Concessions for Monolingual
Preacher notes touching story of older monolingual German who would rather die than have no service in German, as he could not understand the English.

Concessions in Garnavillo
Group of pastors asks for concessions for monolingual parishoners.

Effect on Guttenberg Congregation
Writer notes effects of Babel on otherwise loyal Guttenberg congregation.

Exemptions in Garnavillo
Otherwise compliant minister wonders about potential temporary exemptions.

Babel as Homogenizing Force
Babel supporter notes that, while "people have always formed groups according to their nationality and language, but when we all use the same language we will soon forget that such things exist in this county."