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Letter asking for a kind favor of the 15th instant thanking for the information sent earlier. Within the last 2-3 days recruited two men for the motor mechanics regiment and believe the work in Iowa will be extremely helpful. Writer closes the letter…
184612-997118 - Monroy Emmanuel - May 4, 2016 952 AM - MonroyE_Letter addressing an educational campaign_Metcalf_1..jpg

Letter addressing an educational campaign aimed towards providing patriotic literature in order to mobilize Minnesotan families in the war effort.
257205-997118 - Hovden Teeya - May 3, 2016 124 PM - HovdenT_AdvertisementinMinnesota_Metcalf6.jpg

In this letter, the Minnesota Publicity Director explains to H. J. Metcalf the posters and booklets they are circulating in Minnesota and also mentions at the end,
PublicityDirectorofMinnesotaCommissionofPublicSafetytoHerbert.J.Metcalf Metcalf_1.jpg

This letter is addressed to Herbert J. Metcalf from the Publicity Secretary of the Minnesota Commission of Public Safety dated October 18, 1917. The Minnesota Commission of Public Safety notified Metcalf that they are sending various booklets,…
182351-997118 - Brockway Kelly - May 4, 2016 730 PM - BrockwayK_publicsafety_metcalf.jpg

This letter was from Minnesota to Iowa. In the letter it not only was hoping for guidance on what publicity works in Iowa, but if Metcalf would offer guidance on the material Minnesota was planning on distributing.
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Apostolic elders note church's longtime dependence on German, their loyalty, and opposition to any upcoming language legislation, noting as well their independence from Amish and Mennonite communities.
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