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City Marshal writes of Germans disregarding Babel and threatens potential violence
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Desires proclamation against "mob violence" against pro-Germans, which "disgrace[s]" the state. Nonetheless, explicitly against disloyal pro-German elements. Attaches news clippings.
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Forceful stance against local preacher--Rev. Bodenschneider--continuing to use German. Suggests this "fellow get what is coming to him."
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Wonders what the current position is on languages. Are "we to let these fellows do as they please and talk as they like now, or are we still making them be good."
Iowa City Beer Riot Reportage_22Aug1884.pdf

Report on beer riots in Johnson County in response to state prohibition laws.
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Reverend Drake of the Presbyterian Church west of Holland is still preaching German and intransigent about stopping.
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Concerning unpatriotic actions, and violence, by groups, namely "labor leaders" and those "stirring up dissension among the workers."
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Foreign languages are being used more since Babel than before, "if that were possible." The Marshal of Manning was using German in town and at an election hall. Marshall even paraded down streets with other citizens singing German songs. What should…
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Forceful letter against apparently widespread German influence in Carroll, ending with flourish: now that we have the Germans to heel, must we not twist the ankle a bit? Also includes interesting assertation the Germans sign off (!) on…
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