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Lauer asking for clarification for sake of implementation
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Lutheran pastor asks for concession, citing the local Swedish church which is conducting worship in Swedish without molestation, apparently.
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Reverend Drake of the Presbyterian Church west of Holland is still preaching German and intransigent about stopping.
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General support for Babel, but noting impact on Danish Americans, who, on account of the "past history" between Denmark and Germany, should be excused from proclamation clearly directed at Germans.
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Waging losing battle, Rev. Blaufuss implores Koeberle to "protest most emphatically" to Harding over Babel. Koeberle adds at end of letter than Blaufuss has sowed dissent repeatedly.
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Support for Babel in context of continued intransigence, by German preachers especially
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Pastor asks for concession for sake of older congregation memebers, noting his own loyalty and sacrifices.
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Dawson writes about Blaufuss and his refusal to comply with Babel. He suggests legal, semi-strong-arming means by which to make him.
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