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Mayor writes regarding desire to rid Lowden of German language. How to proceed? Notes that in Davenport they've apparently been fining people [mostly women].
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Declaration by a number of faith leaders in the county supporting the US and her war aims and Babel, with minimal caveats.
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Pastor decries Babel and its effect on congregations
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The National Defense writes to Mr. Behm about stopping the churches from preaching in German. Mr. Behm was not legally allowed to do this but he did, and was then congratulated for his great patriotism.
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Lamont pastor wondering about post-war language situation for religious worship.
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Confused half-endorsement of Babel from preacher--poses a "godsend," yet he will keep using foreign languages if he can.
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Discussing effects of Proclamation on elderly German-language speakers in church services.
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Clarifying Babel, in favorable light and with emphasis on Bohemians in Benton
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Inquiry after end of war regarding use of German in German church sermons.
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