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Der Raub in Iowa_23May1884.pdf

Article borrowed from Illinois Staatszeitung commenting upon proposed prohibition in Iowa.
Die Wirthsgewerbe_Temperance Commentary_29Feb1884.pdf

Article on potential prohibition law from perspective of saloonkeepers.
Die Deutsche Presse in Amerika_1Sept1899.pdf

On the need for a German-language press for German migrants.
6  24  18.JPG

The business angle: owners of telephone exchange ruminate on business consequences were local German speakers not in need of phone lines.
8  21  18.JPG

Might an auctioneer use German to keep business running smoothly and not encumber German-language buyers
9  10  17.JPG

Business correspondence between state and local German-language press.
8  16  18.JPG

Can Germans continue their parochial school, even if switching to English? And a merchant, H. F. Haesemeyer, speaks German daily.
Loyalty League 1.JPG

Comment from representative of league of traveling salesmen, noting their disproportionate interaction with different cultures, languages, and perspectives. He offers his groups' services for the cause of promoting 'patriotism.'
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