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Nelson writes to W.E. Hall of the U.S. Department of Labor offering to volunteer to recruit people to enroll for the U.S. Public Service Reserve. Nelson writes from a Davenport, Iowa address.
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Mr. Metcalf writes to the chairman of the County Defense council, where he explains the letter which he has sent to Reverend Bredow. He asks for Mr. Koeberls assistance in making sure this matter is taken care of.

"Agent" page of Iowa, Die Heimath für Einwanderer, revised 1873 edition. A handbook for immigrants.
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Carson writes of recent meeting in Sibley, where a patriotic German spoke against the Kaiser. Carson suggests using him to write something pro-Babel to disseminate to state's Germans.
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Local pastor, while preaching 'render unto Caesar' sermon, forcefully stopped by Germans in congregation, who didn't want to hear "anything in that line."
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Conflating Pro-Germanism with German language, proposes making organization to combat "German Kultur."
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Potential mob violence against local German, which the author doesn't disagree with in principle, but moreover "believe[s] in letting the Law take its course."
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