German POWs on a work assignment in WWII.

German native Helen Tylee, who ran the family's Linn County farm during her husband's deployment.

Wax seal presented in 1979 by the City of Vienna to Eric Kollman, who had fled Vienna in 1939 and who became a history professor at Cornell College.

Passport of Ruth Salzmann, a refugee from Berlin and later an Iowa nurse and activist.

Wedding of Fred Kaltenbach, Iowa's best-known traitor. Son of German immigrants, he founded a high school club in Dubuque modeled on the Hitler Youth. During the war, he broadcast pro-German propaganda to the American Midwest from Berlin.

Boy Scout from Amana in 1934.
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Helen Tylee's family poked fun at prohibition during her 1930 visit to Germany. The child's sign reads "Prohibition kaput." Helen is on the left.

Iowa Ben Tylee and German native Magdalena (Helen) Gerhard at their 1922 wedding in Germany.

Women's basketball team of the Northwest Davenport Turners, 1929.

Englert Theater advertisement. The Englert Theater, built in 1912 for vaudeville shows, was rebuilt as a modern movie palace in 1926.
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