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Advertisements from the Dubuque National-Demokrat: the top-most one for costume rental; the middle one for a masquerade ball sponsored by the "Harmonie Damen-Verein" (Harmony Ladies' Club); the bottom one for a masquerade ball sponsored by the…

Three advertisements concerning Mardi Gras activities in Dubuque: 1) a masquerade ball in the German City Theater (Deutsches Stadttheater) with prize competition for the best costume; a ball in City Hall sponsored by the German Aid Society; a…

While it is uncertain who organized this masquerade ball--either the proprietor of Ham's Hall or another group that rented the hall--they are clearly proud of the prize money that they have set aside for the best costumes.

Ad placed by the Des Moines Turners in the Iowa Staats-Anzeiger, with announcements a Mardi Gras masquerade ball as well as for two plays performed in the Turner Hall: "Die Eifersüchtigen" (The Jealous) by Roderich Benedix; "List und Phlegma"…

The Turners regularly hosted masquerade balls for Mardi Gras in the late 19th century.
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