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Nicholas Gonner, editor of the Iowa, comments on Joseph Eiboeck's new English-language anti-temperance paper, the State Independent. Despite Gonner's support of the paper, he is concerned that Eiboeck's lack of religious sensibilities will alienate…

Joseph Eiboeck, who had passed away on 8 January 1913, had been president of the German-American Liberal League of Iowa. With the annual meeting of the league imminent, Paul Krüger, secretary of the organization, requests that other members of the…
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Clock on his recent work, as well as recent electoral defeat, which he clocks up to a bloc of anti-prohibitionists contesting his dry politics. "I was gloriously defeated."

A collection of eyewitness accounts concerning the Iowa City Beer Riots, which began during the trial of local brewers Conrad Graf and John Dostal for having violated the state's new Prohibition law by selling beer on July 4, 1884, the day the law…
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Article on Iowa Brewer's Convention occuring in midst of prohibition legislation. The members therefore pledge to fight the convention in courts and raise funds.

Civil war hymn book kept by Union solider Jacob Nauman, featuring a defaced section on temperance.

Continuation of correspondence regarding the settlement of Marienfeld (Iowa?) and an editorial on the destruction of a saloon by temperance advocates

Various events and activities around Carroll, and an aside on Prohibition measures.
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