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200632-997121 - Jennings Ashley - Apr 9, 2016 229 PM - JenningsA_FrankG.PiercetoH.J.Metcalf,January4,1918_Metcalf.JPG

Secretary of the League of Iowa Municipalities, Frank G. Pierce, writes to H.J. Metcalf to send registration cards of men from Marshalltown, Iowa interested in securing employment in the shipbuilding industry for the U.S. Public Service Reserve. …
200632-997121 - Jennings Ashley - Apr 9, 2016 229 PM - JenningsA_WilliamFriestoU.S.PublicServiceReserveoftheDepartmentofLabor,January28,1918_Metcalf.jpg

Fries writes to the U.S. Public Service Reserve of the Department of Labor to request information (e.g. wages) about enrolling in the shipbuilding industry. Additionally, Fries describes how he was in the draft, but rejected for service because he…
224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Metcalf to Charles Marsden, 1918_Metcalf_page1.JPG

This letter is in response to an inquiry to a job position at a ship building plant.
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