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Jacob Naumann's account book from the mid-nineteenth century, showing Naumann's transition from German to English as a language of both public business and personal memory.
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Can Germans continue their parochial school, even if switching to English? And a merchant, H. F. Haesemeyer, speaks German daily.
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Letter asking the Navy department to send 1000 posters to the State Council of Defense so they can distribute them accordingly. These posters have reference to theaters, clubs, railroad stations, and better class of shops
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German pastors appeal to Governor to reject any proposed bill against language upcoming, citing earlier demographic dangers brought on by "inimical legislation."
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Might an auctioneer use German to keep business running smoothly and not encumber German-language buyers
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Local Bohemian chastises governor for imprecise proclamation, which lumps non-Germans with the "Hun."
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Lafayette Young writes to a librarian about getting rid of German books in the library. Mr. Young ergs the librarian to remove all German books and burn them and send him backs a count of how many were burned. Mr. Young believes that all the youth of…
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Support for Babel and offer of assistance in Northeast, if necessary.
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Business correspondence between state and local German-language press.
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