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Supportive of Babel, notes the irksome prevalence of foreign languages in stores.
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The business angle: owners of telephone exchange ruminate on business consequences were local German speakers not in need of phone lines.
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Author notes the many disloyal Americans "jabbering German" in the city.
Die Wirthsgewerbe_Temperance Commentary_29Feb1884.pdf

Article on potential prohibition law from perspective of saloonkeepers.
Letter addressing the membership and role of the Iowa State Traveling Men's Association_Metcalf_1..jpg

Letter sent to Metcalf, stating membership fees and role the association has.

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237752-997118 - Stark Brandon - May 4, 2016 251 PM - StarkB_Herbert Metcalf to E.C. Roach February 4, 1918 _Metcalf.jpg

Metcalf is trying to reach the county chairman about funds in certain organizations. With the reply on the bottom about the county chairman being out of town.
237752-997118 - Stark Brandon - May 4, 2016 251 PM - StarkB_Herbert Metcalf to C.W. Reed, February 11, 1918_Metcalf.jpg

This is the reply to his Reed acknowledging that he will get him the right information and that he is working with him on this. Also included the county chairman slips.
237175-997121 - Khader Mitchell - Mar 6, 2016 119 PM - KhaderM_Invitation to Silo Manufacturers to Discuss Increased Silo Construction in Iowa_Metcalf.jpg

This letter is an invitation (sent out to numerous silo manufacturers) to attend a luncheon in which attention will be brought to the need to increase silo construction on Iowa farms.
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