The various events and to-do's around Carroll, and an aside on Prohibition measures.

Carroll Deomkrat views on the Prohibition politics and politicans

Argument against women's suffrage, arguing that women do not want the burden that comes with political rights.

Argument against women's voting rights

Discussion of Blaine's views on Prohibition and on German Americans

Story of the first Germans to live in McHenry County. They came by ship from Germany, and migrated to the Midwest, because the farm land was promising.

Bylaws of the German Aid Society of Iowa City, a mutual insurance organization that provided its members with benefits in case of injury or death. (currently first page only)

A history of German immigration to Iowa through 1900, written by the editor of the Iowa Staats-Anzeiger, the German-language newspaper of Des Moines. To access the Table of Contents, together with digitized pages of the work, please visit the…
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