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Impromptu organization of citizens to restrict German language.
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Resolutions in support of Babel against local newspapers which criticized Harding over Babel.
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Clarifying Babel, in favorable light and with emphasis on Bohemians in Benton
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Hinshaw wants to adopt two French orphan children.
237175-997121 - Khader Mitchell - Mar 6, 2016 119 PM - KhaderM_Advertisement for Rat-Proof Farm Storage to Protect Production during the War_Metcalf.jpg

This brief advertisement cites the damage rats have inflected on wartime production and makes use of a patriotic sentiment to encourage farmers to purchase rat proof farm storage from the Caldwell Silo company.
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Kimmel ntoes the need to "counteract the vicious influences of the Socialists, Bolshevists and other agitators who would tear down our present form of Government and present order of things."
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Asthalter speaks against the German preachers, for "they should be doing everything in their power to convince us that they are real Americans, instead of stirring up trouble for themselves." So, apparently, these things are given a broad, public…
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Danish American writes against the German-American settlemetn of Latimer
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