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Fries writes to the U.S. Public Service Reserve of the Department of Labor to request information (e.g. wages) about enrolling in the shipbuilding industry. Additionally, Fries describes how he was in the draft, but rejected for service because he…
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Asking about authority of and authority over the Loyalty League, in context of their placarding campaign in Ida.
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Strong support from chairman of the Republican Township Committee.
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In a letter to HJM the author talks about terrible raids on specific churches who refuse to quit using the German language.
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Concerning the anti-Babel and unpatriotic actions of several local German Americans.
213185-997118 - Shepherd Anna - Apr 20, 2016 857 AM - ShepherdA_West Point Military Academy Recommendation Letter_Metcalf.jpg

In this letter HJM writes to a senator asking for any recommendations of information he can give to a nineteen year-old boy he knows that would like to enter West Point Military Academy.
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Welsh congregation wonders whether "conformity to proclamation to be regarded as test of loyalty?"
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