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Potential mob violence against local German, which the author doesn't disagree with in principle, but moreover "believe[s] in letting the Law take its course."
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Response to Davis. Remember, pre-Babel. Here: "as to taking the law in your own hands, that is a question you should not propound to me. As Governor of Iowa, I cannot and will not advocate mob rule. There are times, however, when a little harmless…
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Howell informs on a number of "the dirty creatures all talking in their own language" and her accompanying desire to "slap his face."
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Reverend Drake of the Presbyterian Church west of Holland is still preaching German and intransigent about stopping.
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This letter was a reply to an earlier demand to remove all possible pro-German propaganda from public libraries. It defended the loyalty of the library itself, and asserted that the current librarian had burned most of the pro-German books the…
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Davis says intransigent church got in touch with him, gave a "plea for mercy [and] I told them there was no help for them." They stopped German-language instruction from there.
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Noting a number of seditious comments, Babel Defiance, and exhortations to resist the placement of anti-German-language signs by local Germans.
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City Marshal writes of Germans disregarding Babel and threatens potential violence
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Report of disloyal remarks by Dr. Niemacks, who apparently condones German Army atrocities and rapes. Detailed list of other local pro-Germans.
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Foreign languages are being used more since Babel than before, "if that were possible." The Marshal of Manning was using German in town and at an election hall. Marshall even paraded down streets with other citizens singing German songs. What should…
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