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Bohemian American writes with questions regarding religion and proclamation, including disquisition on Bohemian Americans loyalty, espeically in relation to animosity to Hapsburgs.
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Bohemian Reformed Church resolves to protest Babel, as they are serving country abroad.
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Pastor, at length, addresses pains Babel has put him in. He has a German-heavy congregation, most having come from Hanover immediately following annexation.
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Local CoD member gives update. All going well with schools, German Lutheran ministers still quite "obstreperous," however.
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Declaration by a number of faith leaders in the county supporting the US and her war aims and Babel, with minimal caveats.
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Clarksville lawyer notes Council of Defense response and German Americans requests for more time in which to speak German.
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Complaint regarding use of German. Note: asks government to intervene with Reverend Kurtz, same one who months earlier had vowed to comply with Babel.
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