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Selzer Brewery_Sioux City.jpeg

Illustrated image of R. Selzer's Brewery in Sioux City, Iowa. Included are an "Ice House" and R. Selzer's residence. Of note is the figure in the right of the image shown swinging on a beam, a likely representation of the influence of German…
224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Metcalf to H.L. Stanley, 1918_Metcalf_page3.JPG

This letter is in response to an inquiry to a job position at a ship building plant also explains how this service will not exempt him from military service
224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Metcalf to Ray Robie, 1918_Matcalf_Page4.JPG

Inquiry about motor mechanics regiment, also, appointing Ray Robie as an Enrollment Agent
224201-997120 - Wegener Collin - May 9, 2016 916 PM - WegenerC_Herbert Matcalf to Frank Pierce, 1918_Metcalf_Page5.JPG

Response to Frank Pierce, who had recently submitted names of people to work under him, as an enrollment agent. Information and supplies are also to be passed on.
252051-997118 - Mankins Adam - May 4, 2016 1052 AM - MankinsA_ShermanServiceLetter_Metcalf1.jpg

General Manager of Sherman Service, Industrial Conciliators, Business Department, G.G. Manmy, asks to assist H.J. Metcalf in serving the country by offering words of advice from his novel
5.3.Magnus Brewery Wagon.jpg

Delivery Wagon for Magnus Brewery Beer, Cedar Rapids, c. 1900. The saloon in the background displays the tongue-in-cheek name "The Cedar Rabbits."
250530-997118 - Lusk MollyMaeve - May 2, 2016 106 PM - LuskM_L.L. Wanew to H.J. Metcalf, January 8, 1918_Metcalf_Page1.JPG

L.L. Wanew wrote to H.J. Metcalf offering his services through his organization Sherman Service that is
Schaeffer Brewery_Muscatine.jpeg

Illustrated image of John Schaefer's Western Brewery in Muscatine, Iowa.

Iowa Brewing Company on the north side of Market Street between Linn Street and Gilbert Street in Iowa City, c. 1909. Founded as the Great Western Brewery in 1857, it was bought in 1873 by John Dostal and later run by his sons as the Dostal Brothers…
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