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Babel being "ignored" in Manning, the "marshall and merchants" being the main transgressors. She can "furnish proof of one of our leading citizens saying that Germany ought to rule the world."
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Mother of son in service writes of Germans continuing to speak in German, even in light of recent soldier funeral.
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Postman refuses to deliver mail to Germans after brother dies in France.
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Stolba wonders whether he is eligible for army service.
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Danish pastor agrees with Babel, but says should be for enemy nations and not allies, such as Denmark.
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What to do with a man who, when solicited for war support, said "First I gave up my nationality, then my citizenship, and now I am a Hebrew."
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Author notes several German speakers ranging from anti-American to neutral regarding the war. What is more, they have sons in the military and what damage they could do were they to hold the same opinions!
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Veteran bemoans hearing so much "Dutch" back at home after sacrificing abroad.
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