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Veteran bemoans hearing so much "Dutch" back at home after sacrificing abroad.
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Harding allows the concession, although note that the war is over at this point.
198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ OfficeDepartmentSignalOfficertoDanielWMorehouse Metcalf_1.jpg

This letter is from the Office Department Signal Officer to D.W. Morehouse at Drake University in Des Moines Iowa. This letter is regarding the recruitment of college men to become trained telegraphers for the U.S. Army. This letter is in response to…
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Writing over Babel from German-American, whose mother was born in Germany.
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Carson writes of recent meeting in Sibley, where a patriotic German spoke against the Kaiser. Carson suggests using him to write something pro-Babel to disseminate to state's Germans.
Letters between R.G. Miller and H.J. Metcalf, December 11, 1917_Metcalf_Page1 (1).JPG

Miller wrote to Metcalf asking if he would be considered an accessory for not informing on his neighbor that he believed to have pro-German sympathies.
250530-997118 - Lusk MollyMaeve - May 2, 2016 1259 PM - LuskM_Letters between O.E. Hull and H.J. Metcalf, January 7, 1918_Metcalf_Page1.JPG

C.W. Robinson discusses the investigation of Superintendent Lohr of Davis City and says the report of disloyalty is unfounded. Metcalf responds saying the use of government time is wasted investigating false reports.
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