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184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 12, 2016 703 PM - NelsonK_Herbert J. Metcalf to P. P. Olds, Feb. 11, 1918_Metcalf 1 of 2.jpg

This letter from Herbert J. Metcalf is informing P. P. Olds of the Milwaukee Journal their stance of the elimination of German in schools. He also includes what they are doing with German propaganda within public institutions. States that they are…
207018-997121 - Hewitt Natalie Jo - May 6, 2016 1159 PM - HewittN_MilwaukeeJournal_Metcalf_Page1.jpg

This letter is written by the Milwaukee Journal asking Metcalf about how he controls German influence within Iowa and how Wisconsin could follow suit.
207018-997121 - Hewitt Natalie Jo - May 6, 2016 1159 PM - HewittN_MilwaukeeJournalResponse_Metcalf_Page1.jpg

A response from HJ Metcalf to the Milwaukee Journal about how to respond to and control German propaganda and influences within their society.
237752-997118 - Stark Brandon - May 4, 2016 251 PM - StarkB_Perry Olds to Guy E Logan,February 5, 1918_Metcalf_Page 1.jpg

Mr. Olds is reaching out to Metcalf to get some insight on the efforts to get the German language out of school. He is looking for information to write in his journal. He wants thoughtful information to make a successful article in the Journal.
6  20  18.JPG

Editorial from Wisconsim Methodists on language and schooling, thought to have some bearing on present language issue in Iowa.
Milwaukee Journal to Iowa Council of Defense, Feb. 5, 1918_Metcalf 1 of 4.jpg

The Milwaukee Journal was interested to see what the Iowa Council of Defense was doing in term of dealing with the issue of German within schools. They ask how they Iowa dealing with German teachers, textbooks, and also propaganda within public…
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