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Governor Harding issues resolution proclaiming English the sole acceptable language for use in public in Iowa. Public, namely, meaning also church and educational services.
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Response to letter writer regarding difficulty of enforcing Babel.
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Harding allows the concession, although note that the war is over at this point.

Circulated letter of Harding regarding post-war and veteran business
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Harding doesn't do much to deter Waters to violence and doubles down on "spirit" of Babel.
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Harding thanks Becker for support and assures him that, of course, "you can depend that those who write me will receive no special dispensation."
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Harding responds to Lewis, saying nothing to rumor of German labor migration. Lewis can "depend that those in authority in this country will never permit the cheap labor idea to create havoc in our industrial conditions."
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Harding responds: I'll do something soon to keep up the Babel spirit "during post-bellum times."
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