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Report of disloyal remarks by Dr. Niemacks, who apparently condones German Army atrocities and rapes. Detailed list of other local pro-Germans.
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Pastor says was recently visited by secret service man, told not to speak German, shown Harding proclamation, and sign with name of church defaced. He argues that these actions are "reprehensible" and Gov. has no federal authority to do this.
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Calling attention to the "socialistic, German society" of the Amana Society, which holds property and women in common, speaking German all the while. We should "dissolve their charter -- wipe them out."
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Wentz and Probst overheard: Probst said he "would talk German when he D--n pleased." Probst grabs brick and walks out before violence, with Wentz saying he was "too big a coward to talk German on the street."
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Vocal support for Babel. Further, he is "only sorry that we do not have a law so that we could make them line up if they wanted to or not."
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Becker had personal meetings with German preachers. Several acquiesced, some pushed back and were threatened with yellow painting to match their "yellow streak on the inside."
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Wonders what the current position is on languages. Are "we to let these fellows do as they please and talk as they like now, or are we still making them be good."
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