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Pastor asks for concession for sake of older congregation memebers, noting his own loyalty and sacrifices.

A widowed mother in Germany writes her son and daughter-in-law explaining why she cannot bring herself to emigrate, even though they have sent money for her passage. She includes information on perceptions of immigrant life in America, as well as the…

Transcription of German eulogy given over grave of six-year-old Florence Anna Rehder in 1910.
Bilingual First Issue Statement_1Sept1899.pdf

Dual-language statement on occasion of first issue, discussing paper and editorial stance on numerous issues. He explicitly states his opposition to the party and political platform of Iowa City's other German-language paper as a reason for starting…
Report on Francis Murphy Temperance Preacher Visit_29Sept1899.pdf

Largely-neutral report of Francis Murphy's speech to saloon keepers in context of his prohibitionism.
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Discussing local Lutheran Church rejecting Babel and repercussions that might come to German-American therefrom.
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Community leader sends in transcript of resolution adopted by Lutheran Church members
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Transcript of Resolution from Imanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church to compy with Babel Proclamation. Includes list of signatures.
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