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184899-997118 - Nelson Kaitlyn - May 4, 2016 256 PM - NelsonK_Herbert J. Metcalf to H. L. Avery, Jan 15, 1918_Metcalf.JPG

This is a letter from Herbert J. Metcalf to H. L. Avery who has been called to attention about a German school starting up in Sanborn, Iowa where nothing but German is being taught. He has asked Avery to investigate more into the situation secretly.…
252051-997118 - Mankins Adam - May 4, 2016 1052 AM - MankinsA_ClockAndSaleyLetter_Metcalf1.jpg

Th. Storck and Sherwood A. Celous write a joint letter to H.J. Metcalf concerning the councils continued work on discontinuing the use of the German language in schools and churches. They speak of their own towns dealings with German
252051-997118 - Mankins Adam - May 4, 2016 1052 AM - MankinsA_InsurrectionSedition_Metcalf1.JPG

An act relating to offenses against the state of Iowa and providing for punishment for Violation thereof, preceded by a brief introduction announcing its implementation in Ida county as of December 1st, 1917, and summary of the act.
257205-997118 - Hovden Teeya - May 3, 2016 124 PM - HovdenT_J.J.BillingslytoH.J.Metcalf_Metcalf2.jpg

This is a copy of the letter sent to the Captain of Cavalry from Frances A. Shambough with his findings of an investigation of a sweater story. This sweater story has been told many times and it was his job to find out who made this story as it…
198708-997118 - Gustafson Johnie - May 3, 2016 1000 PM - GustafsonJ HerbertJ.MetcalftoV.O.Bell Metcalf_1.jpg

This letter is addressed to V. O. Bell from Herbert J. Metcalf dated November 26, 1917. This letter begins by stating that in regard to German preachers, Mr. Bell must
A_Letter_Denying_the_Authoity_to_Halt_German_Preachers_from_Preaching _in_German_Metcalf.JPG

This letter describes why the authority to ban German would be useless without further demonstration that the preacher in question is making disloyal statements. It also tells of the same problem in regard to schools teaching in German- that is to…
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Local pastor, while preaching 'render unto Caesar' sermon, forcefully stopped by Germans in congregation, who didn't want to hear "anything in that line."
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