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5  25  18 wood.JPG

Vice President of Iowa Lutheran Conference on the situation of Swedish Lutherans.
3  2  18.JPG

Thinking of submitting story on Iowa's Germans in time of war to Saturday Evening Post.
9  18  17 muscatine.JPG

Beveridge with several accusations against "radical pro-German assertions" in his vicinity.
3  26  18.JPG

Davis says intransigent church got in touch with him, gave a "plea for mercy [and] I told them there was no help for them." They stopped German-language instruction from there.
3  22  18 quite a German settlement in Lloyd.JPG

Pre-Babel: Davis asks German communities in Terril and Spirit Lake to stop with all the Germanning. Latter will and former won't. Proposes law to stop "teaching of the German language."
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