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HJM apologizes to the recipient about missing his phone call from the other day. Before signing at the bottom he shows appreciation towards Mr. Konrad
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HJM receives a letter from the Chairman of the Scott County Council of National Defense. This letter discusses a letter with a German coat of arms on it. Mr. White voices his concern on how such a letter could go unmolested.
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In this letter the librarian at Cornell college writes back to inform HJM that while they do have pro-German war books at the library they are keeping them under close watch but will not remove them entirely because the modern history classes sill…
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If education propaganda starts being circulated among the German-Speakers, HJM believes it will be easier to get them to conform to the laws and usages of Amerca.
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HJM talks about a letter he received from a Mr. Crosier that German has been dropped in his school and that no classes in German have been started since last September. HJM explains to his recipient that Crosier was very offended that any such…
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HJM asks Dr. Avery to investigate the new school in Sanborn that is teaching nothing but German. He suggests the school might have been organized for unpatriotic purposes which would give them the jurisdiction to intervene.
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This letter from Dixon, a librarian at the Iowa State College Library in Ames lists five books that were removed from that library
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